Copilot for Windows 8 is now available for side-loading!

On our first event with this app, we realised a 10% increase in leads!
Marc De Fré, Marcom Director, Agfa Healthcare

Even our most conservative sales won't leave home without it anymore.
Heidi Duyvejonck, New Rovatec

Have your product information and documentation at your fingertips.

Browse, search, show and share digital product information on your tablet. Impress customers with on-the-spot product presentations, detail aids and movie clips. You manage all product information content through the central administration console.

  • Impress with strong visuals
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Avoid out-of-date product documentation
  • Multi-topic ability: switch between different product documentations

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screenshot ipad
screenshot ipad

Easily capture prospect information.

Sales can easily capture prospect information through an easy-to-use registration form. Captured data is centralized and real-time downloadable in the form of an Excel file. Having immediate access to the registration data allows you to take targeted action. Our Enterprise pricing plan allows you to integrate with your corporate CRM system.

  • Offline / online use, automatic synchronization (two-way)
  • Barcode scanning of trade fair badges
  • Signature capturing
  • Integrate with your corporate CRM (Enterprise plan)

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Track individual sales performance real-time.

Graphically analyze statistics about registered prospects, shared product documentation and customer downloaded product documentation.

  • Track who is reading your documentation
  • Supports native office document formats (presentations, pdf, movies,..)
  • Visual and tabular reports

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branded app

Manage ‘your’ application.

Apply your own app styling and create a fully branded company mobile app.

  • User management and authentication
  • Quick and easy self setup
  • Cloud based
  • Online support within office hours
  • Notify your users in real time
  • Multi-lingual document support
  • Multi-user (one device, multiple users)

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Your brand colors


Your details


Rather than filling out the contact form manually, the sales rep can take a picture of the visitor badge and the app will extract the necessary information from the barcode on the badge.


The prospect can sign off on the iPad to give the company permission to send him or her an email with the requested documents.


Each customer has their own identity and this should be reflected in the digital tools as well. That is why the Conversation App has a generic interface, which is easily branded using the customer’s corporate identity (colors, logo,…).


The Personal and Professional editions of the application come with a central management console to remotely manage the document collections and to consult all data captured from the contact form and the analytics engine.


Rather than opting for wonky cross-platform development platforms based on web technology or a hybrid approach, Our software is built using native technology. This results in high-quality, high-performance applications.


Thanks to advanced user management and authentication the application allows multiple sales reps and professionals to carry digital information and documentation with them on a mobile tablet.